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Friday, April 27, 2012


Posted by raj at 11:51 PM
Here is the tip how to swap or change the current file system to a fresh one? Tough, you are a techy particular person but don't find out how to do it, then simply keep on and I will show you the most easy steps after which, you can successfully alter your system to a new one.
There are several types of computer software are also available to do the same, but utilizing command prompt is the simplest way.

But before all of this, you should do 2 things at 1st:

1)Back-up all your files:  In case, you ignore to perform some needy steps or some thing goes wrong, then you might loose your current data. So it's essential to take back-up and distribute it on more than 3 places like write it on CD/DVD, copy to removable media storage, back-up on-line etc.

2)Verify the file System: Double verify the current file system of the drive you want to change to a various a single. This is to ensure yourself that weather you have successfully transformed your file system or not. To do this, simply right click on any of the preferred hard drive partitions and click on 'properties' 

Essential: this process is only for Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7. For any other OS, contact your hardware manufacturer about how to do the same.

When you are all set to perform the action, just follow the below described steps:

1. Open CMD prompt by going to 'start' and then ‘run’. Small box will appear, type CMD and hit 'enter'. You need to follow the same steps on all of the mentioned OS.

2. To check and fix, if there is any problems, type “chkdsk c: /f” without quotes, where c is the desired drive letter to perform needy steps. This will check your volume for errors and fixes them automatically.

3. Type “Convert C: /FS:NTFS” again with out quotes and C is the drive letter to undergo conversion. This will take some time and after successful transformation, CMD will display the same.

Note:  In between, if you're asked to dismount the drive or not, click on agree, otherwise process will continue.

4. Check 'properties' of the converted drive to verify weather the operation is successful or not. 

That is all about how to change FAT32 to NTFS with out losing your priceless files. People often get messed up about how to do this, but in this article I had tried to explain steps as easy as feasible. So, it’s become easier for pc illiterate and even non techie person may perform it without problems. For more details about convert.exe, type “help convert” (with out quotes) on the CMD prompt window and press enter and you will get the list of useful commands.


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