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Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to recover Crashed or Deleted Data from Windows

Posted by raj at 12:12 AM
Saving deleted or formatted information from Windows is become lot much more simpler now a days due to the fact we have many devices, free and paid tools and even data recovery software to recover lost/deleted files, mails, partitions etc. Every person gets panicked when their hard disk or windows got damaged because they had not taken back-up of their Emails, Files or any other general data. It would be truly surprising if recovering files from damaged Windows or failed hard drive is becomes simple and anyone can do it at home or office in short time. Let’s see few insights about data recovery…

Where the documents are gone after deleting

It is a fact that the files & folders erased from recycle bin are not totally gone from the hard drive and still exists in various places. Only the space has been marked as free by the working program to store new files. 

When any files are deleted using Windows explorer, the files were moved to recycle bin and can be easily restored by utilizing recover process. So at first, you should look at recycle bin and see if the desirable files are there but if it's not, that means your files were gone and you need to opt for regular data recovery software to recover it back. 

Chances of Recovery:

The operating system has not immediately use the space from delete files, The deleted file can be restored right after the deletion or for a considerable time periods. As sooner as you try to restore formatted files, chances of data recovery will be higher, because once the space has been overwritten, the deleted data would become undetectable or non recoverable by any data recovery software.

Rebuilding Erased Files

By using specialized 3rd party tools, you can recover deleted data from the hard drive or inaccessible Windows. These software uses sophisticated deep scanning mechanism to give you the best possible chances of recovering data without changing actual data. Once the space is overwritten, there is no guarantee that the removed file can be retrieved because the software would unable to locate the freed space occupied by a deleted file. 

I recommend to use Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery products for best results because these software are WYSIWYG (What-You-See-is-What-You-Get) and uses powerful techniques to search and recover data. You can see the preview of recoverable files in free version but it won't let you recover the file. You have to go for paid version for full recovery.



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